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Stunning store! I keep ordering goods over and over.


This ring is exquisite. Hasn't turned and I've been wearing it non stop. It comes very close to the high fashion trends and for the price point you cannot go wrong. I really love this ring.


Better then I expected for the price. Looks much more expensive. I'm happy.


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About Swisslo

One Accessory can make any outfit look ten times better. 

In Swisslo we believe that accessories we wear have the empowering and positive effect on us. Authentic products have the power to transform our energy, to change the way we present ourselves, to encourage our inner strength.

When you find your little treasure you feel excited, thrilled and simply happy.

Swisslo offers timeless accessories for both the stylish people and the individuals seeking their personal style. We belive that good taste doesn’t necessarily come with a big price tag. It’s only up to YOU. You can experiment. Swisslo offers beautifully designed watches, sunglasses, bracelets, rings, necklaces and talismans.

Just pick one or two products which match your personality, your mood or the occasion. Our selection of products is characterized by its uniqueness, care for top quality and pocket-friendly prices. Swisslo constantly hunting for new accessories that will make you feel EXCITED, HAPPY and APPRECIATED.